Shoppers want more edginess and innovation, says Kanika Goyal

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The designer on her London Fashion Week debut, new collection and the key trends that will dominate 2024

Earlier this month, designer Kanika Goyal made a debut at the London Fashion Week, showcasing her autumn-winter 2024 collection, Arc Echo.

The KGL (Kanika Goyal Label) collection, which used a generous amount of leather and denim, was created using repurposed and upcycled fabrics, informs Goyal, who has showcased several times at the New York Fashion Week. 

“While both London and New York are influential fashion capitals, they differentiate themselves through their cultural influences, market positioning, and fashion infrastructure,” she says. “London is often associated with creativity and experimentation, while New York is known for its commercial appeal, diversity, and global influence.”

In an interview with Lounge, the designer talks about the London Fashion Week collection, the key trends that will dominate 2024, and more. Edited excerpts:

In ‘Arc Echo’, you’ve experimented with textures like Perspex, mesh and vinyl. Plus, there are several pieces that have a mix-and-match appeal. What was the idea behind them?

Perspex, mesh and vinyl immortalise the passage of time, showcasing the disparity between our past and future selves. The separates speak for themselves; they give the wearer the freedom to play around and plan their look. One can work around with the proportions or volume as well.

The tailoring also comes peppered with unique zipper details… 

Zippers evoke a sense of edginess and rebelliousness, tapping into the brand’s provocative image. It offers a playful and interactive element to the garments, allowing the wearer to customise the look by just adjusting the zipper’s position.

The idea is to offer neo-luxury with a “cool” element… a language that draws inspiration from the current zeitgeist and in return adds back to the cultural sphere.

What are the key style trends that will dominate the fashion landscape?

Playful layering, sheer dressing, mini hemlines, slouchy oversized bags, big belts… There’s a yearning for styles that exude a sense of edginess and innovation, driving the demand for garments and accessories that redefine contemporary aesthetics. 


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